What to look out for in a Virtual Assistant

Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant?

Do you have one already?

You might want to check if your virtual assistant has these qualities.

More people these days are getting more attracted to the idea of working as a virtual assistant mainly because of the highly flexible working schedule. Aside from that, getting the opportunity to work from home is also an additional factor.

Out of the numerous opportunities out there, it is no longer surprising that most of the virtual assistants out there are confused about what sort of virtual job they want to settle with. Aspiring to be a virtual assistant means that you must possess certain qualities but mainly on the computer and internet-based. Specifically, a virtual assistant should know:

Basic Internet Research Skills: Believe it or not, not every person can get quality researches. There is a countless number of individuals who are not very well versed in playing with keywords and evaluating/assessing references. Hence, a virtual assistant should be able to gather the most credible resources for his/her client.

Advanced skills and knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite: It is very important to know how to work with Microsoft Office software as a virtual assistant, most especially Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, which is the widely used office in data entry tasks.

E-mail management: A virtual assistant should also be well versed in all email platforms and acquaint him/herself with the different functions of the email tools.

Average to Fast Typing skills: No client would want to waste time on a virtual assistant who takes some amount of time to input text either through chat or on the task itself. This is a fundamental requirement a virtual assistant should have because virtual assistant tasks requires either a lot of typing or clicking.

Ability to communicate: Ensure that you and your proposed virtual assistant can talk unreservedly and that you understand each other well. It would be frustrating to give instructions to your virtual assistant, only for him/her to misinterpret your meaning.

Multiple communication options: Since a virtual assistant does not work in the same office with the business owner, multiple communication options are vital. For a client to have a good working relationship with a virtual assistant, you need to know that you can always reach him/her when need demands.

Other basic skills include; transcribing, chatting, file converting, etc.

If you have a virtual assistant with these qualities and more, you are on your way to taking your business to the next level.


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